Snohomish County firefighters were at Covey’s, learning how to properly smash glass and pry open doors while working around multiple airbags.

In an effort to perfect their extraction skills, Snohomish County Fire Department firefighter-paramedics practiced on vehicles at covey’s Mazda Parts.

While the skill fortunately is only needed a handful of times during the course of a year, it is vital to be well-versed in the steps needed to quickly and efficiently come to the aid of crash victims.

According to Snohomish County fireman Paul Wagner, training exercises like those held at Covey’s are vital for department personnel.

“It is very important to have this kind of training due to the fact the frequency of use with this equipment can be very limited on an actual call, but the importance of staying proficient with the equipment is critical,” he said. “It also allows us to make mistakes, learn new techniques and stay up to date with new automotive technologies.”

The department started its extraction training exercises in early May and Wagner noted that they conducted training on several days throughout the month.

“We must get a chance to harness these skills, so that we can competently perform for those whom we serve,” Warner said. “Covey’s gave us this chance.”